Authorised DynoJet Tuning Center

Tuning, it’s always worth it.

We offer to our customers the best in terms of performances, reliability and safety.
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Your motorcycle is your window to the world. A way to enjoy the open highway, the forest-lined trail or the high speeds of the track like very few can. With your motorcycle being such an important part of your life, keeping it running at peak condition should be a priority. That's where Dynojet's fuel management systems come in. With prebuilt maps optimized for your favorite bikes and tons of customizable options, our fuel tuners can help optimize any bike for fuel efficiency, speed or power.


We offer to our customers the best in terms of performances, reliability and safety.

All our maps are the result of a combined work performed on the Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer and on the road.

At the end of the engine tuning process, we return our customers more performing motorcycles, easier to drive and with low fuel consumption.

Authorised DynoJet Tuning Center


Everyone can map a bike, few can tune it

The real tuning of an engine is done throughout the entire arc of operation of the engine that is testing and correcting the map from idle to rpm limit in the various combinations of throttle grip opening.

This type of tuning requires specific equipment, in-depth technical knowledge, time and patience.

To make a good tuning it takes 4/8 hours in the simplest cases up to a few days for “heavily tuned” engines.

Very often on motorcycles are installed open filters, complete exhaust systems, cams, oversized manifolds or other components that on paper should promote an increase in performance through an alteration of the volumetric efficiency of the engine, but without tuning the injection system the bike will not produce the expected performance increase and very often it will suffer for lower overall performance and impoverishment of driveability, increased operating temperatures, poor gas mileage, and increased engine knocks.

In our Tuning Center we can really fine-tune the maps stored in the memory of your control unit by generating and installing a map that is correct and better suited to both your bike and your driving style.

With a custom tuning performed on a dyno you can not only overcome the problems you are experiencing, but you can finally ride a bike that, from a technical point of view, will have real increases in performance and gas mileage, while, from an emotional point of view, it will be much more fun and exciting to ride while maintaining total reliability of the engine and all mechanical parts.

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Tuning, it’s always worth it

There’s a slew of common prejudices against tuning our motorcycle engines, especially those put forward by the incompetent or biased. To quote a few: “it breaks your bike”, “the guaranty is no longer valid”, “it’s useless”, “have you ever gone faster than 120 km/h with your Harley?”, “do you ever race on a track?” Since I work in the field I am biased, yet I will try to advise you objectively just the same.

A good tuning doesn’t cost a mere two cents and the gains in terms of torque and power don’t always leave you open-mouthed.

On the other hand, the exhilarating feeling you get when you’re back on the bike after a good tuning is always true: smooth running, easy driving, exuberant torque, constant power delivery and very quick responses to the throttle. Anyone who has driven a motorcycle that has been well-tuned knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So, is it worth it? Yes, always. Let’s consider costs, reliability, and results.

Costs are truly contained: with our bikes, we have often spent much more on things that have proved far less useful.

Reliability: an engine tuned to perfection is more efficient. Cleaner combustion benefits the engines duration and reliability, reduces consumption, increases torque and power and overheats less.

Results: the joy of riding a motorbike either returns or increases, tame while cruising, powerful and rabid in “critical” situations.

Dyno Rules

In our Tuning Center we guarantee that the tuning of your engines will be done with care and competence, guaranteeing absolute results both in terms of performance and reliability.
We perform tuning on all motorcycles.

In order to let us to do at our best and to provide you with a high quality Tuning we suggest some rules to follow:

  • Book the tuning in time
  • Arrive on time
  • Full gas tank
  • Do not use high-octane gasoline
  • Check and solve bike’s problems before booking the tuning service
  • Sports bikes must be equipped with road tyres and not with race tyres.


Power Commander

Dynojet and Power Commander have become indispensable in the tuning and optimization area. The Power Commander improves the responsiveness, the torque curve and also the top performance of a series motorcycle in a few simple steps. The Power Commander is THE motorcycle tuning tool!

Modern motorcycles with injection systems are programmed to be very lean, especially in the lower and middle speed range, due to emission standards, which means that the response behavior, the pulling power and sometimes also the top performance suffer. These negative effects are exacerbated by sports air filters or sports exhaust systems. The Power Commander can help here.

The Power Commander is a programmable module that is connected to the respective motorcycle using plug connections.

dynojet Power Commander

Dynojet Power Vision for Harley Davidson - the NEW PRODUCT 2011

The Power Vision was specially developed for all Harley Davidson models with a Delphi ECU - including year of manufacture 2011. In contrast to the Power Commander, with the Power Vision the settings of the original ECU are downloaded, tuned by changing them directly on the touch screen and "flashed" back to the original ECU - and all without a PC. The Power Vision is thus a performance tuner tool with the latest technology in the field of flash tuning technology.

Dynojet AutoTune for Power Commander V

AutoTune is the perfect addition to the Power Commander V! It is an additional module which automatically adjusts the Power Commander V to the desired mixture using the lambda probe supplied.

The module "learns" while driving and continues to optimize the mapping of the Power Commander. So if you often make changes to the motorcycle (e.g. different exhaust systems for street and racetrack or sometimes with or without DB Killer) then the mapping will be adjusted again and again by Autotune. Nevertheless, a good BasisMap should already be installed, so Autotune can work even faster and more efficiently.


Dynojet Quick Shifter for PCIII USB and PCV

The Quick Shifter is the ideal tool to optimize the switching processes and the associated power interruption. By default, when shifting gears, you take off the gas, pull the clutch, engage the next gear and let the clutch come back on. This process takes a relatively long time and costs valuable time, especially on the racetrack. The Quick Shifter can be used to upshift while the throttle valve is fully open, as the injection and thus the engine power are reduced for a fraction of a second. This interruption time can be freely programmed. This system is also extremely helpful on the road, as driving comfort is increased and shifting becomes child's play.